Hallelujah Chiropractic ハレルヤ カイロプラクティック

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About us

■ Hallelujah Chiropractic
is an WHO standard chiropractic office. Unfortunately most Chiropractors in Japan are self-chiropractors who don’t have WHO standard degrees. There are only 800 people who are certified WHO standard degrees “Doctor of Chiropractic".
■ Chiropractic
is a unique CAM(complementary and alternative medicine) Because it has both aspects of western medical science and oriental medical science. One aspect is that the theory of Chiropractic is based on western medical knowledge. another aspect is that chiropractor captures a patient overall and assess the condition not like scientific subdivides.
Chiropractic care is not only relieving pain but also doesn’t have the side-effects and is a cost-effective way to sustain your health.
■ We offer you
safe and effective chiropractic care. Lower Back Pain, Neck Stiffness, Headache, etc…. You can ask us anything about your physical problems. We are sure that you are able to become pain free, refreshed and get a higher quality of your life.

Please call us to book before you come to see us.
We promise you that we do our best for you!

Keizo Matsuda D.C


院長 松田 恵造

The Director of Hallelujah Chiropractic
Name : Keizo Matsuda
Degree : Doctor of Chiropractic at Tokyo College of Chiropractic
Belonging : JAC(Japan Association of Chiropractors)
Name :
Belonging :

Price list

Treatment fee ¥5,500 -
¥6,500 -(Director Rates)

(First time about 60min / After the second about 40min)
Consultation fee ¥2,200 -
(It takes only first time.)
All Prices are tax included.
We take cash only.
Please come 5-10 minutes before your booking time to fill in the counseling form.


Consultation fee for Free Please let us know you saw our website.
The term of validity until 13th.Sep.2021
The coupon isn't applied the care by direct chiropractor.

Our information

Booking appointment Call
Online Booking (in Japanese)
Business hours ・10:00 - 21:00 (Last appointment 20:00)
・Open year round.
Address Yokohama-Parkside-Kannai 9F
3-43 Onoe-chou Naka-ku Yokohama-shi


Please feel free to call or e-mail us

Access map

If you take the train
・Negishi(Keihin-Tohoku) Line : 2-minutes walk from exit North of JR Kannai Station.
・Blue line of Yokohama Municipal Subway : 30-seconds walk from exit 1 or 2 of Kannai station.
・Minato-Mirai Line : 6-minutes walk from exit 5 of Bashamichi Station.

If you take the bus
Yokohama municipal bus system : 2, 32, 79, 99, 101, 105, 106, 113, 199, 327, 328
Keikyu bus system : 110
Soutetsu bus system : 旭 4
Kanachu bus system : 船 20
Please get off at Onoe-cho bus stop

If you take your car
We have no private parking. Please use a toll parking lot around our office.

Flow of treatment



Please Let us know your name at the reception. And then you have a counseling form. Please fill in it.


We would listen to your stories of physical complaints. And we would ask you some questions.
3.Physical examination


You have a physical examination based on the counseling.
4.Explanation & Consensus


You have an explanation about your physical condition and the policy of chiropractic care for you.
We need to reach your consensus about you have Chiropractic care.
5.Chiropractic care


You have the chiropractic care.If you have something wrong, you can let your chiropractor anytime.
6.After check & Advice


You have after check. and we share how much your condition changed.
Also we might give you a some advice about self care which fit you.
7.Payment & Appointment


We only accept cash.
You can have an appointment for the next time.

Exterior & Interior



Exterior of our office building which is grey colour at the center of photo.


You can check our office sign at the right side on sign board outside and inside of entrance.
Please come up to 9 floor by the elevator.


Get a counseling form at reception and fill in it.
4.Waiting Room


You can have a 100% natural water and candies.
5.Treatment Room1


Every room is own room.
You can keep your privacy.
Treatment Room1


You can have a change of clothes.
6.Treatment Room2


This room has a very good look out.
You can see the Yokohama Landmark Tower.
Treatment Room2


Google Indoor View